Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's powering the engine


I'm in an oddly content mood for a 'writing day'. I generally prefer the joys of research on a scale of about...six to one (I do enjoy writing, it's the flinching from editorial censure that gets me), but I did all my research yesterday in a big, bustley bout of an hour. I've been working for an hour and a half so far, and I've gotten half my day's allotted writing done already. This is what focus can do for you, people! Of course, I'd been writing the easy titles. Now I'm going to concentrate on some of the suckier ones--to get them out of the way. We'll see how fast I go now, won't we?

Anyway, I amused myself with my lunch today. I can tell I'm a writer, you wanna know how? Check it:

That's...three tea bags (including the one steeping), a Milky Way (American style--caramel and nougat under the chocolate only), carrots and ranch dressing to dip. You can also see my iPod (music makes the words work)--I'm listening to Beethoven, the Missa Solemnis, conducted by John Eliot Gardiner, at present--and the reading glasses my optometrist recommended to reduce eye strain which only increase my eye strain by about a billion. And coupons for OTC Allegra--my new love. I used to take it when it was prescription only but gave it up when I lost my insurance. Since the Claritin knock-off I used to take doesn't work for me anymore, I'm sooooo glad this is out OTC. The bags under my eyes are shrinking by the day.

This is how I get through my day: gallons of hot tea (I drink it like they've stopped growing it), chocolate and the occasional veggie thrown in for the vitamins. Total breakfast of champions there, isn't it?

Since I've finished the Infinite Scarf, I've been contemplating my next project. There's a shawl for mother that's getting cast on today (it's her birthday and I promised her one--thankfully the pattern is a quickie, so she should have it within the month), something I'm going to do with my Frog Tree alpaca (photo later on, I promise) and I think I'm going to have to make a new pair of hand/wrist warmers for while I'm working. The ones I've got now:

are inadequate to the task. Don't get me wrong, I love the yarn (Lion Brand Landscapes); it's warm as the dickens, it's the pattern I used. Or didn't, to be precise. There is too much finger exposed so I'm numb from tip to knuckle.

I think I'm going to use the leftover Aslan alpaca from my Thorin's Hooded Cowl (aka the Oin) to make some super-duper long arm warmers (I have the yarn, believe me, I have the yarn) with an extra long ribbed section over the fingers that gets folded back (or not, knowing me and my lack of blood circulating to that end of the arm). Maybe, if I'm feeling frisky, I'll even do a finger stub cover, like the tip of a mitten, that can button in or be removed to completely cover the phalanges, as the mood strikes. I can do a toe-up sock start like nobody's business (hah, if only I could finish the g'khested socks to go with), and that strikes me as the perfect tip of a mitten. A button on the inner cuff to secure it (or fold the underside over and leave the top extended, perfect for typing in freezing weather) and Bob's your uncle.

And then the Optional Destashing Project is going to use my Frog Tree alpaca:

Two of each makes for 520 yards of hot pink and navy sport weight alpaca schmexy. I'm not sure what I'll do with it (although I'm minded to use them both for one project; that may change as time goes on, but for now that's the plan), but it's alpaca. How far wrong can you go, no matter what the project is, if it's alpaca running through your fingers? Not very, and that's no lie.

And now the Beethoven has stopped, which means break time is over. I need to clear my dishes, choose a new musical accompaniment and get down with my bad self.

Some days, I so rock.


Anonymous said...

And is that twinings tea I see? One of my favorite decent brands ... not awesome but not expensive either. I've recently discovered republic of tea brand too.

The gloves -- is the lion brand an acrylic or wool? (I'm not familiar)

My merino wool fingerless gloves do very well at keeping my hands pretty warm. the cotton ones though, not as much.

Silver Phoenix said...

There's a Bigelow Plantation Mint (the green tag--my caffeine for the day), a Twinings (the last of my stash-oh noes!) and in the cup is a tagless Barry's Irish Breakfast. RoT is a bit spendy for my tastes, but I love Twinings. I'm actually a bit more addicted to the Barry's to be honest, but I tend to preserve those bags because that's hard to get in these parts.

Landscapes is a wool/acrylic blend. It's not too shabby for the acrylic on the warm level, though. It's a hand wash, and it holds up rather well.

I actually did the math on my new arm warmers. I just have to implement them. Wish me luck. ;-)