Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pulling a total Chauncey here.

You know Chauncey, don't you? It's annoying when you can't fast forward while watching live tv, but I understand his feelings today.

Yessiree, Bobs, I finished it! Huzzah! Pop the cork on the champagne and let's party!

Actually, I have to finish up my research and thinking today, so maybe hold on the bubbly until later. But I loved this pattern. Ok, ok, in total honesty: Around row, say, 28 or so of the white section on the cowl, I totally hated it. But once I got through the big section of stockinette, all was cool. I don't mind straight knitting as long as I get to mix it up with the colors.

The pattern calls for garter at the edge of the hood, but I went for my old favorite stand-by, seed stitch, aka Irish moss stitch:

I do the odd number option (every row is k1, p1, rinse repeat) as opposed to the even number (first row is k1, p1, second is p1, k1) which was super-duper convenient as the border is 11 stitches. I just like the way seed stitch looks, plus it's easier on my wrists than straight knit or purl. Don't ask me why.

Anyway, here I am, enjoying my finished product:

Wheee! Now you see why I'm playing with the jump cuts; this isn't the best picture of me. But I had to show it on a head so you got the gist of it. My neck is sort of chilly right now, maybe I'll go get my cowl and wear it as I type. Hah!

Sigh. Now that's done. Onward and upward, I suppose. I have some obligation knitting (a gift for a friend) and my sweater. And maybe something smallish for that sense of accomplishment....

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