Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why do I always blog when I'm hungry?

I was practically faint with hunger a little bit ago-which is actually quite reasonable, I suppose. I went straight from work to shopping with Mater Gloriosa for my brother's birthday tomorrow. Uncharitable of me, I suppose, but by the time I got home I'm so hungry I was almost wishing Mom would decide he got no gifts this year for being a complete git. Now that I've been fed (and done my own shopping, online) I can be more kind. He deserves birthday gifts. I suppose. At least we're going to Outback to celebrate, and I'm reasonably certain I'll be able to dine there with something akin to ease. *examines nails in fastidious evil* I guess I'll let him live another year.

Today was pretty, if cold. I took Dog out to use the facilities, and found some prettiness in my own back yard.

Our giant cottonwood. I love this tree. Perhaps more than is sensible and reasonable, or even normal. It was the first part of the property I saw when we moved up, and even now, it's visible from just about anywhere in the neighborhood. I loves it, I do. I want it to grow forever, even though it makes my eyes itch.

This is a shot I caught while dog was (to give you a reference) sort of...below the white tree off to the left, attending to business. It lined up nicely, the colors are pretty, and even though it's probably hella-shakey handy-cam, I stand by it. I like how the box hedge sort of...lines up to between the trees.

I can't wait until we have a really nice day. I'm going to the local art museum to photograph the gardens. I need to start a list: cultural things I want to do. So far, I've got:

--attend the knitting exhibit at the state museum
--photograph the gardens at the art museum in good spring weather
--take some photographs of my home town (it's pretty, in spring, and there's some nice stuff hereabouts, and sometimes I feel we don't get the lurve)

All of which (except for the first) requires nice weather. Botheration. We'll probably have a nice day in here somewhere, it's just timing it right....

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