Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Mine. Not yrs.

I have new storage for my yarn. Neeener-neener-neener. They thought they could hide my existence and make me ashamed of the yarn addiction, but no! All they did was give me a pretty box to keep it in. Bwahahahaha! Not since the $300 piano (like new condition, in tune, worth somewhere north of $2,000) have I struck it so rich in the furniture department. At this rate, I'm going to have a nice collection going of stuff to actually, you know, display in terms of furnishings.

And a correction from the last post brought to you by me (as in, I found the error): In the modern versions of the legend, the name is Guy of Gisbourne, they dropped the French affectation of the de. Doesn't matter. Hot guy + black leather with silver studs + indifferent morality = a fabulous Saturday night to tell the grandkids about when they're old enough to appreciate the tale.

And why does eBay hate me? I go on there, looking for a particular item, find it, bid on it, loose. I troll along, find something pretty and interesting that I could live without, low-ball the bid and win. Eh. Anyway, I got this:

Recycled sari silk. Five skeins for an obnoxiously low price. And the seller lady has been so very, very patient and kind with me, answering questions about the likelyhood of soy fiber finding its way into the silk (conclusions: not too bloody, and even if so, look at the yarn! I think I can resist chewing on it, so I'm probably going to be okay.) It ships on the morrow, and I'm excited. It may be another yarn I end up putting in a clear lucite box and displaying as an art work just as is. Those colors, that shine! Que linda! Actually, since I don't know if the word for yarn in Spanish is masculine or feminine, it might just as well be que lindo, but whatever. Ain't it gorgeous?

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