Friday, July 12, 2013


There's been a lot of nonsense going on, and not of any good kind. The last two months...let's just pretend they didn't happen for the most part, shall we? Hospitals, surgery and angst, oh, my. Everyone's still alive, the one in danger is mostly out of it and it's just about all done but the shouting, so it's all ok right now. But let's just say I'm drinking far more than the recommended 4 oz. daily serving of red wine right now, and it's barely making a dent in the tension in my neck.

It's been that sort of two months.

But I had to come and brag. I mean, I've hardly gotten any knitting done (hardly; I've been working on holiday twizles at work on occasion, and started knitting on a scarf while in a surgery waiting room at the hospital that I may never touch again), but I did do some research and decide to get THIS:

W00t! Now I can make my apron, and some other fun stuff, too. I mean, look at all the stitches that come with:

25 built in stitches! 59 stitch combinations, whatever the heck that means!

And and plus plus:

five extra smurfy feet, in addition to the regular one that comes with.

It was on sale. I moved on it. I feel good about that.

Or perhaps it's the wine. Hopefully, things will start returning to normal, so I can blog more. Hell, so I can knit more. I'm getting real tired of hospital waiting rooms, the regular sort of hospital rooms and just...hospitals in general.

Wish us luck.

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