Saturday, July 20, 2013

Slooooowly but surely...

life is returning to normal. Ish. For me. Which is to say, completely abnormal, but that's perfectly normal in this house. If you know what I mean.


At least I've been knitting lately.

Well, ok, so not on that one, per se. I finished that color off a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm on to oatmeal color, and when that skein is done (in two more rows), I knit up the last of the mini-skeins (a royal purple one I saved up just special for the purpose) and the knitting part of the project is done. Then I get the joy of turning the whole shebang into garland! Whee!

Tonight I had a really fabulous 50% off coupon from Favorite Big Box that I had to use before it went defunct. I need a new pattern holder, For Reasons, so I went and enjoyed the view of my new playground:

Yesssss. Miles and miles and miles of cotton prints, and that's not even the bits that are full of unnatural fibers. But I've never sewn anything with stretch, and I'm told stretch changes the game a bit, so perhaps I'll focus on my cotton apron first. Walk, jog, then run.

Anyway, I'm still crafting a bit, slowly recovering my fiber mojo, and I've discovered that this blog is invaluable for helping me keep track of what I knitted/cross stitched/whatevered when. And it's a great place to keep my pattern notes. Blogging has a purpose, other than weird, mildly pointless navel-gazing. Who knew?

Also, just in the interest of self-documentation, two weeks ago, my friend who bought the Yarnia brought in a bag of yarn to coven night. Her purpose was to rid herself of some leavings. Again, in a gang-like initiation ceremony, everyone had to take something from the bag. Even me.

So, despite the fact that I need more yarn like I need another hole in my head (although when the sinuses go up, it would be a relief), I left with four of these:

two of these (one in a dark brown, one in a rust color):

and one each of the following:

Some nice vintage stuff in there, as you can see. I admit I was originally tempted by the hot pink of the Versailles (a French yarn, the color is even listed as Flamant Rose) before, but I abstained. However, since it soon became for free...

Eh. It doesn't quite go with my skin color, but that's ok. I like it well enough to just look at it!

Oh, and before I forget:

Giraffe Hat! 

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