Friday, August 12, 2011

Words, Words, Words

I tried an experiment today. Since it was so lovely -- warm without the muggy, soft breezes that felt cool on the skin, blue sky and bright green greens -- I took my laptop and went to the local art museum to write. In the hour before my battery died (well, didn't die, per se, but the computer kept warning me it would fall asleep if I didn't shut down) I managed to write 10 pages. I haven't done that in...years. Days were, back before I started taking my writing too seriously, I could occasionally rip out a story in an hour or two, making my pace about 10 pages per hour. It felt good to be able to lose myself in the writing so well that it just flowed like water. Seriously good. I've been blocked for so long on my fiction that just sitting down on a bench, listening to a lovely fountain, feeling the breeze on my face and just clacking out 10 pages of story felt a bit birth after a very long, very painful pregnancy.

A load off my mind, literally.

Now, I'd also like to note two things: One: I type like the wind. I've been earning money for over fifteen years in one capacity or another from typing some nonsense or other. I test out at around 90 wpm, but that's testing out. You almost always test slightly slower than you can actually type because you're being cautious when you test. Two: Because I type like the wind, I can almost type as fast as I think, edit, revise a little and come up with a good sentence. It can get stream of consciousness after a while, once I get into my flow.

Now, this doesn't mean I'm writing anything good, necessarily, it just means I'm writing a lot of stuff very fast.  Still and all, I wrote! I've been blocked for ages and yet today I just wrote!

Little Loki seems to be spreading to other aspects of my life, as well. The win oozes out of my knitting bag and onto my laptop.

Plus, I came home tonight and managed to get my work writing quota in. More than, actually. I'm pretty darn proud of myself and my words today. Of course, I've probably used up all my words for the week in one day. God knows I've used enough of them.

In other news, I did not get to much knitting this week. I'm still thinking about putting a shrug on the needles, but now I'm not sure if I want to use the Knit Picks Shamrock or if I want to use some Bernat Chunky Alpaca I've got stashed away:

I just can't decide. Smooshy alpaca or warm wool. Hmmm. I'm spoiled for choice in this.

After I finished working on my last article of the week, I decided I wanted mashed potatoes. I love mashed potatoes and I feel I am severely deficient of mashed potatoes. So I got out the five organic potatoes I had left (of a 3-pound bag), boiled them, mashed them and then buttered and sour creamed them to diet hell.

Mmmmm. Potatoes.

I'm going to go finish my bowl of dairy with a little potato in and then go to bed. It's been a long day.

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adriene said...

Congratulations on your writing day. I'm glad you found a place to get your mojo back!