Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I did something I rarely do today....

I cleaned my desk.

I got a new file box and new pencil holder and just went ballistic on the dust and (shaming to admit, but it's true) cobwebs and cleaned it all up. Now I've got more space again. Well, it helps that I actually did my filing today instead of just piling it up and waiting for the filing fairy to visit. Little tramp, she never comes to my house.

So now I have a tidy workspace and all kinds of room to work. Let's see if I actually use it, shall we?

In other news, I'm doing another something I rarely do: Charity Knitting. I don't like to knit for others, I always feel I'm imposing on them to accept my work. Leftover emotional baggage from childhood. Whatever. But this month one of my Ravelry groups is doing a charity knit along. Since I'm a mod, I felt beholden to join in the festivities. Sheesh.

Here's the yarn I bought:
 Royal blue and

soft blue in my favorite acrylic.

Now I just have to get down to, you know, knitting my blanket squares. I've decided to knit squares for the Afghans for Pine Ridge Reservation project. It seemed a good fit: I'm crap at hats, baby blankets are just too long and dull for me to get into at present, but 6" or 1' squares...I can do those all day. That's basically a glorified swatch, and the product gets used to keep people who really got the short end of many, many sticks (which were generally stuck into their eyes, but that's an argument for another day) warm in winter.

Which, as a chill-prone person myself, is an excellent goal. People should be kept warm. I can help do that!

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