Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sneezy and Dopey, all rolled up into one.

Not tonight's sky, but not far off in terms of general mood. Tonight was all pastel blue and pink, soft and cotton candy-ish. It was nice out today, too. In all, good weather. Alas, my camera is fresh out of batteries, so there are no pictures of tonight's sunset. Memo to me: Buy batteries.

Alas, my volunteer gig at the archives has me working on dirty paper (I do repairs and maintenance on  some post-Civil War papers) which has me doing my two dwarves imitation--Sneezy and Dopey. I suppose you could get Sleepy in there, too, as it runs me right down. So...three dwarves. Ok, four--Grumpy. I'm sure as heck not Happy, but whatcha gonna do, amiright?

So I've done bupkiss all week aside from some research into non-fiction writing. If only I had courage, I'd really do it. Actually I do have the courage for this, I just doubt that anyone would want to read anything I'd find interesting enough to write about.

And despite my Lenten promise to maintain positive energy, I find that I haven't been able to get anywhere near positive lately. I have several ideas for non-fiction books (which are ideal for the super slacker I am because, unlike fiction books, you sell them before you write them, which is simply brilliant in my book), but I have no confidence in myself that I will actually do anything about it. I have dozens of unique patterns in my notebooks and head, but no faith that I could make them look right if I tried to knit them. Nothing I want to do will interest anyone else, nothing I can make will be any good and no one wants to know me--that sentence, depressingly, sums up the past week for me.

I'm sleepy and dehydrated and my sinuses feel as if they're stuffed with cotton wool. I can't get any knitting in (it would probably send me into a coma, actually) so I think I'm just going to bed. Maybe some sleep will shine a brighter light on matters tomorrow.

Actually, I'm going to take the afternoon tomorrow (if the weather allows) and go see a new art piece at the museum in celebration of the Solstice. That thought alone energizes me. That and the prospect of some sleep.

Good night.

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