Thursday, March 10, 2011


 A pretty picture, just because. Chihuly made the globes, by the way.
Best laid plans and all... I got completely side tracked this week. I've done no knitting beyond the little I did at Monday's knit night (which was precious little, until I eventually frogged my Obligation Scarf in a fit of pique), aside from a swatch that 's about to get frogged itself, I've been avoiding work again and I'm exhausting myself by going to bed later and later while still getting up at the same time.


I need to get myself back in hand. The mood is against me. So tonight I think I'm going to work on the Infinite Scarf (a project I've been working on, eat some raw sugar cookie dough and maybe read a little before turning in at my usual bedtime--ie, three hours earlier than last night. Tomorrow there is work to be done, but if I'm good and follow my Good Focusing Practices (do my work before checking email, Ravelry or anything else), I can get done by noon and maybe--if the weather works in my favor--go out somewhere for a bit of sun. I could use the vitamin D!


adriene said...

If it's any consolation, that photo is really eye-catching. I had a week like that, too... precious little knitting. Maybe we're anxious to get more sunshine, but we know we're turning our clocks forward this weekend and we're going to lose an hour of sleep. Hang in there!

Silver Phoenix said...

Thank you. I love Chihuly's work--glass is a small obsession of mine.

I'm holding on with all ten fingers. I'm sure the tide will turn soon and things will get better, it's just the waiting that's hard. :-)