Monday, March 14, 2011

I should post something,

particularly as I've linked this blog to my freelance writing website's metrics counter. They require two posts per week, which I can do. My posts would be better if my life were, you know, interesting. Then again, I've done precious little to make it interesting, so I should not whine. And as serious illness, major injury and suddenly finding oneself homeless could be said to be, to some degree, interesting, I should, perhaps, not wish for it in the first place. Although I guess I could say that getting to watch four episodes of "Poirot" with David Suchet on a nice, slow, lazy Sunday was interesting. Making my cottage pie, a nice beef soup and some lovely fresh-brewed coffee by hand from the grinding on up over the course of this past week was also interesting. So maybe my life isn't quite so dull, after all. It's just interesting in a more prosaic way than most would notice.

I also should not complain as I do not live on a major fault line or on a chain of active volcanoes. I am very happy the ground under my feet is stationary, my house is still standing and no one I love is missing. In the grand scheme of things, my life is very good right now. Annoying at times, but very good. I should be more appreciative.

In happier news, I have been back at my knitting. After the annoyance of my Obligation Scarf (safely frogged, the yarn lost) I got back up on my pony by doing some knitting on the Infinite Scarf. Have I shown you my Infinite Scarf?

Here is my Infinite Scarf. It's roughly...5'7" in length. I rather like the drape of this pattern in this yarn--I just took a stitch at random out of my Interweave stitchionary (Lace and Cables, I believe) and cast it on. It's turning out rather well for a 'gee, I have nothing else better to do, these needles are nice, that pattern is cool, GO!!!' scarf.
Here's a close-up of the right side of the pattern. It's pretty--the yarn overs and psso's make for a sort of fish-scaley column up the length of the scarf. I've also managed (through the magic of blind luck) to get a rather nifty pooling/striping effect with the color runs in my yarn. Heh. I try for that sort of thing and it doesn't happen. I don't care, and voila!

 The wrong side is even sort of nice, too.

Why, oh why can't I do something this cool on purpose!

So why do I call it the Infinite Scarf? Well, Gee, I Have Nothing Else Better To Do, These Needles Are Nice, That Pattern Is Cool, GO!!! Scarf is rather too wordy, and this:

has been attached at the end of my working yarn for rather more than a foot of knitting now. I'm knitting from the outside of that ball, too, so the fact that it's not getting smaller is just pure vulgarity on the yarn's part. Some days, it feels like I'll never get to the casting off.

So. Infinite Scarf. I don't mind that it's infinite; I can certainly imagine worse patterns to be knitting on while waiting in Purgatory. The Obligation Scarf comes to mind, grrr. But I would love to be able to actually wear this one without dropping stitches or needing to carry the needles at the end of it all the time. Makes it rather bottom heavy. And difficult to get through metal detectors, as the needles are aluminum.

Still and all, matters could be worse. I will take comfort in that knowledge and carry on with the knitting.

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