Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I have too many toys.

I have too many toys. Too, too much stash. I've been toying (heh) with the idea of doing a yarn diet, but I'm not sure that will totally help, if you know what I mean. I'll still need the occasional yarn fix for mental health, and I am about as monogamous to my knitting projects as Tiger Woods. I'd go insane.

Soooo, I think what I'll do is, starting on the 1st, open the stashtainer, send someone in with a snorkel and have them choose a yarn. Whatever they choose, I must knit up. When that yarn is knitted, send in another diver and repeat as needed.

Really, they can't pick a loser. Here's a selection:

No matter what they pull out of the box, it's going to be fun, no?


adriene said...

That first yarn is soooooooo beautiful! I should go on a yarn diet, too... but of course, where's the joy in that? It's tons more fun to poke your hand into the basket and see what you come up with!

Silver Phoenix said...

Is that my Blue Moon silk? I've actually got two colors of that.

I bought it for a birthday gift for myself one year. I have a think for the silk. :-)

Theresa Bruno said...

Luke will help you with the yarn diet thing. He now points to a lady in his book who is knitting. You've been a bad influence.