Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hat's away!

My aunt seemed quite excited to get her hat. She and my uncle swung by for a visit on Friday afternoon, after her radiation therapy session. I have to say, she looks very good for the strife she's going through. I have a feeling she'll recover from this.

Anyway, she loved her hat. I'd have gotten a picture of her wearing it for the blog (her hair hasn't yet fallen out; the doctors say she's got a week more with it if it's going to fall out) but didn't, because I wouldn't want a picture of myself on some knit blog an hour after I'd been through radiation therapy. Not that she looked bad or anything, but it's the principle of the thing.

So Hat #1 is off to the races, and I'm trying to choose a pattern for Hat #2. I have got a second skein of yarn for a hat for her.

Great American Yarns Supahfiiiiine Merino/Silk blend. Worsted weight, 143 yards a pop. I let my aunt feel the yarn (to make sure it wasn't too merino for her; it's going on her head, after all) and she approved. So, now, to find a pattern....

I'd like to find a hat with a lacy pattern that's reminiscent of wings or feathers, but I'm feeling no love from Ravelry on this subject.

Anyone got a suggestion? Comments are always open!


adriene said...

That's a gorgeous skein of yarn! Your aunt is super lucky to have someone who wants to make her such fine hats. :)

Silver Phoenix said...

Apparently, she showed it off to my cousins and some other aunts, and the jealousy, she was thick. :-)