Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just more crap I have to do

I'm so disorganized! I mean, really disorganized. If I'm going to make a concerted effort at freelance work, I have to start taking my home work space seriously, which means it must be organized and discreet from my living space. Currently, this is my desk:

It's a pit, isn't it? And this is on a good day!

I think the biggest part of the problem is that the desk I have is too small. It's just a computer cart, and there's hardly any space on it for anything other than the computer, monitor and router. I need a writing surface, some desk top files (of the paper kind) and maybe...a picture or two? Just to give it an officey feel, you understand.

What I really want is a roll top desk, but I'm realistic enough to know I'll have to get hella lucky at the Goodwill to make that a reality. Those suckers are spendy. But I like the notion of organizing up as opposed to side to side (which would have the added benefit of closing off the view behind my monitor--currently composed of my kitchen and cellar door. Yay.) And I like the idea of being able to close it, thereby signalling to myself that a) this area is sacrosanct and not to be the dumping ground of every stray bit of flotsam that life generates (such as the bookbinding glue I've currently got on my desk, or the candy that's ended up there) and b) office hours: when the work day is done, the desk is closed and the 'office' is closed and a distant memory, and when I need to work, the office is open and I will have to be tucked up inside it. It would be like a cubicle, only without the really annoying neighbor trying to clean out their sinuses by making that nasty "schknorckanlorkcanlanork!" noise, and the other one chewing his gum with his mouth open like a yak chewing cud (without the benefit of yak fiber to spin.)

Maybe I could find a computer armoire that would serve, but I really like the feel of a roll top. There's something kind of...fitting to the idea. Oh, well. I'll have to keep my eyes open, I guess.

In other news, I found a pretty:

I love this thing dearly, and have done ever since I saw the white bunnies at Target with this design on their butts. I find this pattern to be insanely cheery, despite the fact that typically I strongly dislike bright florals. They're just so busy and visually annoying. This one, however, inspires me to smile (probably thinking about bunny butts; a thought that just shows me for the toddler that I am.) Somehow, once I got up close and read the label, I was hardly surprised that a company called Liberty of London could put out a floral anything that I love. It's a crazy floral done up Brit style, and we all know what a filthy little Angloperv* I am.

So I got two.

Bunny Butt Pink

Sunshiney Garden Mishmash.

Thankfully, I drink a lot of tea when I'm working (like I ever do that, heh) so I could justify the expense. Then, just for good measure, I got this:

A stationery set! Ok, ok, to be completely honest with you, I got it for the pen (which is cunningly disguised as a pencil). I have a thing for pens, sort of like my thing for yarn and books, so you just know I had to have this. I guess now I'll have to actually write notes or something. Pity my handwriting is crap. I suppose I'll have to practice now and actually send letters to people. Through the post. How 1940 of me!

*Something slightly more dodgy than an Anglophile, but not quite as skeevy as an Angloporno.

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