Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ship's Log: Somewhere south of Cabo

Greetings from the high seas! Literally; apparently the winds are very high here and hitting us broadside. Which means I had my first 'Oh, crap!' moment of the cruise this afternoon when we listed so far to starboard I could no longer see the horizon out the fifth deck window (to be fair, I was sitting in a center portion of the deck. Still.) The chop is still pretty heavy, although not as bad as it was a bit ago. Now we're just rolling like an old sailing ship. Before, the heave and pucker of the water gave the impression something very large was fighting to gain the surface twenty feet off. For the first time, I understand the peculiar literary allusion to 'boiling seas.' Thank God I'm on Benedryl for my inner ear, or I'd be regretting my lunch and no mistake.

Here is Cabo, off in the distance. The last soft bit of sea we've had today. It was beautiful, though. Warm, soft winds, the occasional whale coming by for their photo op. Never when I'm there, of course.

This is a last, longing look at the rear Lido and pool deck before I went below to a dull, dull diamond and gemstone informational seminar. So pretty!

This gent is stationed outside my cabin door. The ship is decorated in some pretty garish deco, and I can get a headache from spending too much time in the atrium (the pink used is really tricksy with my eyes) but overall, it's an incredibly beautiful place. I've been to two shows, a comedy show, and I can even eat pretty well (for a person with a severe food allergy.) The dining staff has really gone above and beyond, and I'm saving up a bit on my cruise extras so I can double up their tips. It's such an unusual experience for me to be able to walk into a restaurant and just eat something, and to be able to do so for several days running...it's almost like life used to be.

I haven't gotten much knitting done on my scarf--I'm going to say that I'll be losing the Ravelympics this year--but I did do some work on deck today. I'm having a quiet night in my cabin after dinner (nothing on stage I want to see tonight), so I'll probably just kick back, watch Discovery Channel and knit. Maybe get some tea sent up to the cabin, knit in style.

Provided the seas accommodate!

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