Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fringed and folded up

Tonight, I had nothing to do but sit on my hands, so to speak, and wait for the Dirty Jobs Dirty Presidents Super-Special Episode, so I decided to go ahead and fringe the scarf. I got a smaller crochet hook and went to town. It's amazing how much faster the job went with the proper size hook.

Here we have the artistic shot--all scrunched and crumpled and bed-head-ish.

And then I folded it up all nice like. I didn't trim the fringes, I left them a bit ragged, because I liked the look. It has a pleasantly rustic and rumpled appearance with the fringes left 'natural'. Either that, or I'm lazier than I knew.

A friend asked what it weighed, being over a mile of yarn as it is. Less than (just) one pound. It's actually quite wearable as wide as it is, too. Not that I'd tolerate it for long, but you know. It's not bad. I believe I will get around to my own scarf one of these days.
Now to cast on for some lace. But which project, oh, which one!

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