Saturday, November 8, 2008

Drunken posting

But you know, I deserve to be drunk. Sorta.

This past week, I went to my LYS to get yarn for the hats I'm making for Chocolate Sheep, and luck was with me when I found the perfect three colorways (Cascade 220 in 9484-blue, 9463B-gold, and 8401-grey). So I snagged one of each (surely I can come up with three hats with 660 yards of yarn!) along with a nice little hank of Alpaca With A Twist Fino in yellow ribbon, just because (ok, ok, so I got lucky--she'd mismarked the box of yarn and I got a bit of money off because of it). In all, a good shopping day.

I pulled out the Cascade to start up a swatch when I realized they're in hanks. And my ball winder isn't that big. Oy. So tonight at church, I wound the blue one into a passable ball--my very first! When I get the other two into balls, I will take a picture. I'm so very proud of them (and isn't that sort of sad?)

I stopped at Dad's bar (I rarely mention it, but he tends bar on weekends for pin money--and to get out of the house. I guess retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be) on the way home and bought my beer--the one I kept saying I was going to drink after finishing the Who scarf. I keep forgetting to buy beer (I don't tend to keep it at home; I'm not that big a drinker) until Sunday afternoon, and that's a bad time to be remembering I wanted to buy alcohol! Anyway, I got a bottle, kept the cap on and took it home (we have 'open container' laws in my state, but it was closed, so it didn't count). I had another promise to keep, you see.

Look at the mess I made when I got home:

Sticky pots--this isn't the worst of it, either, I had a mixing bowl, a cutting board and various utensils in there before I got to this point. So what do you think I was doing?

Marshmallows and pizza! I won't bore you with the long story that involved my getting all my ingredients in a pile then realizing I didn't have my instant pizza crust in a box (and having to trot the dog out for a ride to the store to get some--oh, I could have gotten my beer then--and a pint of Honey Bee Haagen Dasz), but suffice it to say, it took me until around 6:30 to settle into making a serious mess in the kitchen.

But I'm quite OCD, you know, so even before I sat to dinner (which was timed really well--the pizza came out to cool just as the marshmallows were done whipping up and ready to pour into the pans) I had to scrape sticky sugar syrup out of the pan and clean the proto-marshmallow goo out of the mixing bowl. And off the counters, and off my chin. Hey, Quality Control is very important in candy making! I actually had some huge crystals in the hot goo when I made the marshmallows (you aren't supposed to mix the sugar as it boils, which would seem to me to be rather short-sighted, since it's not like you can't mix the water and corn syrup in before you heat the mess up), so I'm hoping there aren't tons of crystals in the finished product. Oh, well. It's sugar. People like sugar.

So, anyway. Kitchen cleaned (mostly), beer opened, marshmallows on the cooling down

It's a good day.

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