Monday, September 15, 2008

The five minute post

I'm getting ready to leave for Coven, but I just had to pop on and say....

*clears throat*

I'm Surly Knitter. And I'm a yarnaholic.


This is my primary evidence. To whit:

Two skeins of Panda Silk, fingering weight, greens. For a Christmas gift, but still.

A total WTF?!?! purchase of Malabrigo yarn weight in Mariposa (it's only wtf because of the colors--although this picture shows the beautiful glowy halo of shine around the yarn--because I'm bang up alongside the idea of Malabrigo in lace weight; can you say yarncrack? Yes. Yes, I thought you could.)

I so fell in love with the Malabrigo lace weight that I had to return after work and get a further two skeins, Apricot. Not my color, but I think it would make a nice lace scarf for my sister, who is a summer.

I actually wanted more of the Mariposa, but apparently I bought the entire stock of the LYS and its satellite store. Huh. Just one? For both stores? Either everyone else loves the pistachio-come-melon-popsicle color, or they only bought one because they thought everyone would hate it. I'm still not even sure I love it, although I know I do, I just don't know why!

Anyway. That's all. Wait until you see what's coming from Knitpicks for me in a few days. Then this post will look like an amateur effort!

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