Saturday, July 1, 2017


I had to go away for a long while, regroup. Rethink my place in the world. And realized that, without a journal to keep me oriented, I tend to forget things like "order in which things happened" and "where is that recipe that I liked?"

I can't keep this as a straight-up yarn blog anymore, mostly because I am so much more. I like a place to keep my recipe innovations, and a place to keep my book lists, and a place to whine about my shoes. I still knit, but it's not my primary mode of self-expression anymore. Hell, my stash is so large that if I quit knitting now, my mom would probably murder me.

So I'm making this an everything and nothing spot, a place to dump the contents of my mind when they come up. I think that will work best for me, to be honest. I need to start keeping track of myself again, if only so I have notes on what I was thinking two weeks ago.

Yeah, it's sort of like that.

To catch everyone up: We still have two cats (Yoda and Ebony), and Rex the WonderPibble. I still share a house with both of my parents and a brother I waver between wanting to shove under a bus and wanting to give a medal. I had a severe bout of mononeucleosis (sorry, I have no idea what they call that in Europe -- uhhh, Epstein Barr?) that left me super wiped out for the better part of six months, that I'm always on the cusp of relapsing into. I just attended the American Library Association Conference in Chicago and brought home more perfect-bound bundles of printed paper to drop on top of my already precariously stacked To Be Read pile. And I'm in the middle of knitting Nieceling a pretty thing for her wedding (can it be? The little piglet that bruised my ribs the very first time I held her is already getting hitched up? I'm not crying, you're crying!)

You could say I've been busy.

But that's no excuse for ignoring my journaling! How the heck will I be able to track my life's milestones without a list somewhere! So I've dusted this off and am starting anew.

To begin: My To Be Read list. It's huge, it's papery, and I better get cracking on it or the advance reader's copies I have will be still waiting until everyone's read and resold their publisher copies at a used bookstore. I'll have to talk about the first book I've started: Whichwood, a YA novel by Tahereh Mafi. It doesn't come out until November, and I tucked into it the day I picked it up at ALA.

You will be hearing more about it!

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