Tuesday, August 19, 2014


My desk went from this:

 To this:


I also vacuumed up the cobwebs in the ceiling corners and along the walls.

Now, I just have to vacuum up the couch, treadmill and the back of my cedar chest of yarny goodness tomorrow, and do my bedroom Thursday and Friday, and I will be done with my cleaning. I've been slacking on it, and I'm worried it's a sign of depression. I typically only let it build up like this when I'm down, so you can see why I'm worried.

I'm going to clean everything up and try to maintain it -- Saturday mid-mornings are not busy times, and I can do some spot-cleaning and tidying and get it out of the way so my environment doesn't get so icky again.

And my yarn isn't endangered by bugs anymore. Which is, ultimately, the most important thing!

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