Saturday, July 26, 2014

More finished things!

I may have to make a tag just for finished things, and go back and tag posts where I've celebrated casting off. I have a hard time keeping track of things like that, and it sometimes feels like I never finish things.

This week I did finish a ting. Nemesis has come off the needles and had fringe put on. I don't have a current photo, I apologize. I'll get one up as soon as possible, I promise. But Nemesis is BIG -- at least 15" wide and probably 6' long. The fringe adds another foot, foot and a half to that length, too. I'll figure out how to get the whole thing in frame...eventually.

Anyway, I've got some other pictures to share, if you'd like to see....

I spoke last week of mill ends and me, right?

Aren't they awesome? Since they are mill ends, they were't labeled with the colors. But I spent some time on their website and think I've correctly guessed what they were supposed to be.

This one is "Jellied". Since there are no color flaws obvious from the outside of the skein, I'm going to guess it's one of the 'mis-spun' skeins. Or maybe there's some knots. Whatever. It's awesome.

And this is (I think) Liquid Sunshine. With a color flaw at the bottom. But who cares?

Not me. I will be enjoying this yarn...lots and lots and lots!

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