Saturday, June 7, 2014

That was...uh...yeah.

I went on vacation. Two weeks in the Las Vegas area -- mostly spent outside Vegas, in the national parks and museums in the region. Two days I visited the Strip.

That was more than enough.

I am not a Strip sort of girl, you know? I mean, I had fun at the MGM Grand -- I did the CSI: The Experience and then we test watched a new show (you all should really, really, really clear your Wednesday nights in the traditional CSI: Original Crispy time slot of 10 pm Eastern to watch Stalker. Just sayin'.) Those bits were fun. But the rest of it? It's all too much, you know? Too much noise, smell, neon, flashing lights, all of it. It's like drowning in external stimulation.

And vaguely depressing. I'm not sure why, but both my friend and I were actually, measurably depressed after we got back from the Strip, both times. I'm not sure if it was because I had a different expectation of what the experience was, or if it was the people around me....I dunno. I just know that after we went the Thursday before we left for home, I started getting homesick and wanted just to leave. Not even the Grand Canyon (aka, the world's largest drainage ditch) could cheer me. I was wound up until yesterday, too, and I got home Wednesday last.

I did, however, find the time to visit a yarn shop in Vegas. I think it was something I should have done again after visiting the Strip -- all that yarn, acting like psychic insulation against the bright lights and floral stench of the gaming floors (if you visit Vegas and have scent sensitivities, be warned: the big resort/casinos put a fragrance into the air in their facilities. Most of them are floral in tone -- sort of like a giant, over-done Plug-In is somewhere in the lobby -- but the MGM is a gentler, musky scent, like men's cologne. It's easier on the sinuses.)

Of course I enhanced my stash.

And the crowning jewel:

None of them are locally made yarns, but they are all yarns I cannot find here. Well, aside from maybe the Sunseeker, but the sparkles made me happy.

That's my primary decision making heuristic -- does it make me happy? If yes, put it in my cart. There are worse ways to make choices, you know. Particularly when it comes to yarn.

Now I have to plan out the projects I want to make with all of these pretty, pretty yarns. Ah, the real joy of vacation!

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