Sunday, June 15, 2014

Did I just do that?

Yes, yes I did just do that!

What did I do, dear readers? I finished the first part of a writing project that I started three years ago!

Honestly, it's an accomplishment. Since I started that piece way back in the way back days, I haven't done bupkiss in the writing department. Oh, I started a short story that sucks like a Dyson (or a Shark, if the commercials are to be believed), but that hardly counts. This is the first bit of real writing I've engaged in in forever. It feels good, really.

And they just built a new grocery store near my home that is dedicated to organic foods, so I don't have to travel so far just for a can of frickin' soup anymore. And I went to the movies last night with my friends and we decided to have a regular Girl's Night Out once a month, and use it as a sort of writer's group, too.

Things are looking up, y'all.

In knitting news, I am less than two full skeins away from completion of Nemesis. You remember my Nemmie, don't you?

Nemmie is much, much longer now. Why, almost a full six feet, unblocked! And with her fringe on, she'll be magnificent. Magnificent, I say!

I have also agreed to make a toy for a friend who is currently gestating. She deserves it, and I got to buy some interesting baby yarn, and all that. I will post a picture after it's been sent (if I remember to take on in process.)

And then I have to get back to my Feeding the Fish. It's been sitting in its baggie for weeks now -- I didn't pull it out once on my vacation. I've promised myself I will pull it out tonight at bedtime, so after I get my tasks for the day completed, I will work on the baby toy, then go to bed and work on FtF.

Ahhh. A Sunday full of writing and knitting and nothing much else of import! What else can a girl ask for?

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