Saturday, April 26, 2014

So, so tired.

It's just the change in seasons. Finally, it's warm enough to leave the house without sixty-bajillion layers of clothing on, and I'm exhausted from the sinus fun and frolic.

So I've been working on my sweater panel, making progress. I haven't any photos, but that's not unusual for me. Never a camera around when knitting happens. Here, have a puppy instead:

Help! The couch is eating me!!!

I have a project upstairs for when I hang out with Yoda. We knit and watch tv -- well, I knit and he chews my yarn, I watch tv and he sits there and watches me watch tv. It works for us, as a thing.

Tomorrow there is probably no knitting -- my choir's performance is in the afternoon. All the practices, all the late Sunday nights, all that work finally pays off. I'm not at all disappointed. I'm exhausted by this point in the season. I may need to get back in shape something fierce if I was so glad to see the back of Easter because it meant that the performance was only a week away. I can't imagine how some of my friends do it -- they're in multiple choirs. 

Anyhoo. I'm hoping to be rested and ready for some serious creativity this summer, once I get a weekend that doesn't involve standing on my feet for three hours at a stretch and breath control. Maybe a few more naps than I've been able to manage of late. And maybe take some more walks, get some water and vitamins and eat some veggies or something, because just doing this much has me feeling like I've been slapped around. I mean, I've got stuff to do, things to plan. 

I have to finish up my Feeding the Fish, I need to design out my Meninius sweater and get it started, then I want to finish up some other projects that are on the needles and have been for far, far, far too long.    

I'm going to head up to bed now, knit some with Yoda, watch a video or two. I'm making some serious progress on my Nemesis shawl on nights like this -- that's my Yoda/TV knitting project. It's simple, there's little chance of my screwing it up (so knitting while half asleep is no problem) and I don't have to watch it while I'm knitting.

Then sleeping and then singing, and then sleeping some more. I love being in the choir, but oy. I will be so glad when this season is over! At least until next season begins, when I will forget how exhausted I am now, and join up enthusiastically. 

I never really learn, do I?

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