Saturday, April 5, 2014

Knitting, Interrupted.

But at least he's warm and wiggly.

 That's my baby brother, Rex. We got him from a rescue group. If you look very closely, and I do advise it, because he's adorable, you can see that his fur is a bit thin in spots.

You can see it a bit better in that photo, around his eyes and on his muzzle. He had the mange, but we don't talk about that, or use the "mangy cur" epithet. He's very sensitive.

But I have been working on my Mr. Rogers sweater, now officially dubbed "Feed The Fish" (because Mr. Rogers had fish at one point and somebody wrote a letter asking about them, and that's just about painfully adorable in and of itself, but also because I got started while my brother was out of the country and I was, actually, feeding his fish), mostly while at work or relaxing with my Yoda. I'm afraid to test himself out on my yarn. He's bad enough about ducks.

So, to prove knitting happened, I took a picture.

 But...why, why, why has my camera washed out the color to that nauseating hot pink? The yarn is not pink. It is red. A very pretty dark cherry red, to be precise. Here's a better exemplar:

I'm not sure I could keep going if it was that hot pink color. It's eye-searing enough in bright red!

Cute Yoda story to end my post: I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night as a reward for not throwing a fit in a shoe store (long story, maybe one day I'll tell it). It was excellent, but the shaky-handi-cam produced headache and nausea as it usually does (grrrr, what happened to make steady-cam so down market?) I came home, snorgled Rex (because puppy smell is curative -- don't knock it, it worked a little bit), took my shower and turned in. Yoda could tell I had a massive headache, because he came over and gave me a Yoda-sage on the back of my neck, and patted on my face and hair with his paws while mewing gently. Then when we woke up this morning, he dug me out of the blankets to rub his face on mine.

Such a sweet boy!

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