Sunday, January 19, 2014

What the hell is it with CSI?

So, last night I went and DVR'd several episodes of CSI: Original Crispy, because it was on Cloo Network and I had to do some heavy-duty knitting today. I needed to get my Mummy's Mink off the needles this weekend. It was needful, if only so I can prepare to start up my Ravellenic projects in the next few weeks.

Armed with my DVR'd episodes (of the post-modern DB era) and my DVD set of season 5 (prime Grissom vintage), I sat to this morning. Lots of fun mayhem and murder apparently speeds my needles along, because looky-looky what I got done today:

And it only took me what felt like forever. Ok, so only two months. It's laceweight yarn, doubled up, so next week on my destashing game I get to add 8 points to my tally. For the first time in over a year, I will be in the positive, wooohooo!

You know, whatever it takes to keep the chi flowing.

And I have nearly nothing left:

It's hard to tell, but that really is next to nothing left over. Mostly it's the longer tail end of one of the balls wadded up under all the wraps. It's definitely not enough for two more rows, which is what I would have needed to do. Since I started it with a pattern row right after my cast on, I had to cast off right after a pattern row. Makes sense, no?

So I'm not going to count it as leftover stash -- I mean, I couldn't do anything with it, other than perhaps chop it up and give it to the birds for some extremely fine nest lining. I may give it to my mother, or save it in case I have to make mends in her cowl. Yes, that may be best after all.

Either way, it's like a million pounds of obligation suddenly lifted off my mind. Now I can focus on my rainbow Hue Shift blanket and thousand other WIPs I have. Double Cross, Nemesis....a whole bunch of other's in my stashtainer that have no names yet.

Now I feel sad for them. Pretty yarns, stashed away in mid-stitch, pining for the light of day and fresh air of knitting process.

Just what I need; sympathy for my WIPs!

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