Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow Day, '14

If you have read this blog at all in any past winter of choice, you know I am very anti-winter. I do not like the cold, I do not like the dark and I do not like snow. Particularly when I have a day job that may require me to do something as stupid as try to drive.

So right now, we're having a snow storm of epic proportions. We don't tend to the snow -- sometimes we'll get a few inches, up to maybe 6 or 7, but that's once or twice a season at most. Right now we're getting dumped on with up to a foot of snow, and it will be followed by two days with sub zero (Farenheit) highs and wind chills. Fun, fun, fun. And then we're lining up a second storm for Wednesday through Friday, with possibly another 6 inches of snow on top of it all. Fabulous.

However, this year I work for a non-profit. They made the call to close our office tomorrow yesterday, as I was returning from the store, buying all the ingredients for a bland pain perdu, as is apparently traditional when snow storms or other bad weather strike. I'm pretty stoked, if you must know. That means I can enjoy the pretty of the snow (which it is, when viewed through a closed, properly weather-sealed window with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands) and not worry about how I'm going to survive the arctic world for which I am not prepared as I navigate the idiocy that is the morning rush hour.

I was also going to shovel the drive today so we didn't have the full foot of snow on it eventually, but my brother beat me to it. I suppose I should be, you know, nice to him or something. Of course, I managed to persuade my mother to make a carrot cake today (in addition to fresh chili), so that sort of counts.

Anywhoo. I get a free knitting day tomorrow. Today I'm doing laundry, and it's hard to sit to anything when you're popping up every 45 minutes. At least for me -- when I knit at a stretch, I like to tuck into it, you know? So when my last load is in the dryer (actually, I'll probably take a hiatus when the next load is in, the last load is my super-warm, heavy duty cotton blanket) I'll wrap up nice and warm and have a seat and knit on Mummy's Mink for a while, maybe while watching the marathon of Leverage (world's best canceled show) that's running on ION television.

So here's some pretty pictures so you can enjoy our weather along with me. Make some cocoa, grab some soft, squishy yarn and wrap up nice and warm.

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