Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013, I will be glad to be quit of you!

On the one hand, you could say my family has had wretched luck this year. On the other, you could say, we've had terrific luck.

I mean, if his kidneys hadn't started failing, my father would be dead of a massive heart attack by now. If the angle of hit had been any degree different, my brother would be dead in a hit and run accident instead of recovering from surgery for a broken pelvis. If it had been a tumor instead of a stroke, my mother's cat would have no chance for recovery, instead of the 75% he's got (and she really, really, really needs her little furry friend right now).

I'm not sure what that adds up to, other than I'm really tired of this year and for what feels like the first time ever, I'm looking forward to next year. Hopefully it will be way, way better -- or at the very least, much more calm. We wouldn't have needed our fabulous luck if we hadn't had so much bollywoggle going on. So no bollywoggle for a little while, just enough time for me to get bored again...yeah. That's what I want for Christmas.

Do you think Santa can slide some peace and quiet under there?

I'm making progress on the one and only knitted Giftmas gift I am working on -- an eternity scarf for Mater Gloriosa made out of Lotus Yarns Mink. Mink. 

All your arguments are invalid at the word 'mink'. It's soft and squishy and I'm enjoying greatly working on this. Of course, I still have the green mink for myself that I'm going to be working with to look forward to in 2014.

Not sure what I'll make myself, but after this year, I should be knitting for myself in all mink. 

Although I think my first order of business is going to be scheduling a nice vacation for myself and a friend someplace warm. I'm thinking Vegas. Not the 'flashy-lighty, ringing-slot machine, screaming old ladies' Vegas, but the real Las Vegas. The daylight Vegas. They have museums and places of interest and national parks. And the sun shines there, and it's warm. 

I'm thinking I may have to find a week or two in February because if I wait too much longer, I may go spare and beat someone up with a stick. And no one wants that.

In other news, next year is going to be my "Year of The Novel". I have a list of 134 books that were considered by someone  to be great novels from the 20th century (before you ask, yes, I took all Ayn Rand's stuff off there -- the cat had a stroke, I don't want to have one, too). I'm not sure how to liquidate that down further, other than maybe choosing one novel by each author (some of them have as many as four books listed). I was actually even going to remove V. S. Naipaul from the list on the basis of I have no idea who he is, but then a quick Google search told me he and I share a birthday. So he must be awesome. I will have to read both of his books on the list.

And since I doubt my knit coven is going to buy the leftovers of another yarn shop next year, I'll maybe actually make progress on the destashing front. I hope so, my yarn stash is getting out of hand!

Let's hope next year goes half as well as I'd like it to -- peace and quiet and reading and knitting. I could use a little boring.

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