Friday, June 7, 2013

Hi! *waves enthusiastically from the elbow* Hi!

It's late, I should definitely be in bed, but (in order of importance)
1. I'm hungry,
2. I've been gone for a long time and I should update while the iron is hot, so to speak, and
3. I'm not entirely sure what I just heard.

Oh, and:
4. Yarnie things.

1. It's been a long day. Hell, it's been a long month. I'm lucky I got lunch in my person today, never mind dinner -- which I did most emphatically not get. Suck.

2. I've spent more time in hospitals in the past month (never fear, as a guest, not an inmate) than I care to ever again. I'm in expectation that the inmate I visit will be released on time in three weeks (he's in a rehab center now; beaurocracy and American Medicine -- ha! -- being what it is, it's cheaper for him to go into a rehab center than take the medications he needs outside of one. Riddle me the logic of that one, Batman.) If not, I think he'll probably break out of an evening and walk home. And I don't blame him one bit.

3. For the first time in nearly two years, I went to the symphony tonight. For those as what hasn't been with me all along (ie, most of you, if there are any you out there), I used to have season tickets. Economy being what it was, I had to give up the habit. But as I now have legal employment, I splurged. Tonight's soloist was Jean-Yves Thibaudet, and I've seen him before, and he's incredible. I'm not, however, entirely sure to make of the piece he played -- a little tune written for him by one James MacMillan called Piano Concerto No. 3, The Mysteries of Light. It was a thoroughly modern, atonal and jangly bit of noise, and reinforced my firm notion that most Scottsmen are, like the lovely Lord Byron, "mad, bad and dangerous to know."

There were places I felt thoroughly lost in (and, frankly, by) the sounds, and others that were...disturbingly beautiful. I am unsure, on the whole, if I liked it or not. On the one hand, Jean-Yves Thibaudet. On the other, I'm not sure what the hell I was listening to.

That can't really be a good sign, can it?

4. Oh, yes. Yarnie things.

To beat some imagery over the head until it hurts, on hand the first, I'm almost done with a project. I have no pictures, because it's late, I'm lazy, and it's just a hat. Plus, I haven't been thinking of things bloggerific due to point number 2, so there are no "in progress" pictures, no cutesy things to write about it. It's pretty much therapeutic at this point. I'll show it to you eventually, no worries.

Plus, plus, plus, and, last weekend was the local fiber festival.

I only got two skeins of yarn (duh, do you not remember my vast yarn binge of just two months ago? I sure do; it sits around me every day, keeping me warm as toast fresh out of the toaster,) but I was really aiming for quality over quantity.

Skein the first: Camo Boy, by Knit to a T Fibers. Merino wool, fingering weight, 400 yards. I’m thinking scarf.

Skein the second (ironically, the first purchase of the day): 100% Merino fingering weight, hand dyed yarn, 550- yards (give or take) in some pretty foresty greens, dyed by the lady who did the yarn for my Loki scarf.

I love this yarn, and her colors are so incredibly saturated and beautiful…. It’s an honor to get to knit with her stuff, you know?

Anyway, I’ve reported in, eaten my bagel and now I must be off to sleep. I’m about to pass out at my keyboard, anyway.  It’s been a long-ass month – did I mention that already?


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