Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good....

So, Yarnia is closed. It was picked clean by the coven. By and large, the coven's yarn-shaped kitty has vanished into a dozen stashes across town, and the leftovers are going to be listed on Ravelry's 'to sell or trade' pages.

But in the meantime, I got reamed by fellow coven-members. For abandoning yarn.

See, I had four skeins of Frog Tree alpaca yarn, two in hot pink and two in navy blue:

I'd actually put them on my own 'for sale or trade' page on Ravelry, but then the last trip to Yarnia netted me this:

Two skeins of slightly off-white. There were actually three in the tub, but I figured -- two of each of the colors, two of the white, right? Makes for balance.

I got told at coven last night that the last skein was crying, lost and alone, in the tub, like the last puppy of the litter. So they brought it in and made me take it home.

Apparently, there is a new rule at Yarnia: No orphan skeins. If there's one left in the tub, you're taking it home with you.

So, here you go:

Nestled up in quarantine together.

Temporarily. The two I bought first left quarantine today for the new stashtainer in the house. The new skein has to stay in quarantine until Thursday night, then it comes to visit its family again for three days, then back into quarantine for the final three day stint.

And I have another 130 yards of sport weight alpaca yarn to figure out what to do with. I'm thinking...something with panels in the colors, borders of the white. Double knit scarf? Perhaps?

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