Saturday, February 9, 2013

My love/hate relationship with clearance endcaps.

I seriously love clearance endcaps. You know what endcaps are, don't you? They're the short shelves at the ends of longer shelving systems at grocery stores and shops? They face the main aisles instead of looking inward?

Anyway. I was at the grocery store today getting some necessaries (make up and graham crackers) and passed this beauty on an endcap, discounted 30%:

A pudding basin! Well, being as this is America, it was labeled "Mixing Bowl", but it's actually a stoneware pudding basin/mixing bowl.I can now steam my own puddings at home! Hurrah!It is always a good day when you can add a little more sugar and fat to your life, isn't it?

Of course, I needed this basin like I need another hole in my head, so I sort of hate clearance endcaps. They prod me into buying stuff that I want a lot, but don't really need, and only because it's 30% off.

Love/hate. All the time, people, all the time I get in trouble with these things!

Next weekend is my half-birthday. As I turn 39 and 1/2, which you must admit everyone only does once, I thought I would celebrate the event by starting a new project for myself, with my luxury yarns.

I'm thinking of making a Pebbly Mesh Shawl out of this yarn:

And a Rose Window Shawl out of this yarn:

I'm not sure which one to do first, although I'm thinking of using the silk thread first. It's a simple design (if you can't access the Ravelry page for it, I'm surely sorry for you) so the colors of the yarn will be front and center. The Rose Window Shawl has a far more complicated pattern, and the mild variegations of the reds in my Touch will work well with it.

I'm just trying to remember if I already started a project with that red yarn. I can't recall -- and I think it was my Kaalund yarn, instead. Maybe.

I might just maybe have too much red laceweight in my stash.


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