Saturday, February 23, 2013

C'est fini.

The Milkrun Shawl, Adapted.

I apologize for the state of the room behind the chair, I tend to...stack and pile things.

Anywhoo, it's done. I've washed it and dried it (which I won't do again, I want this thing to sag and I think I'll need to air-dry it if I want to accomplish anything like that) and worn it. Heck, I've even taken a nap in it. Super-squishy comfortable.

In other news, I slipped through the door into Yarnia again. I went for one thing. Just one skein of yarn.

I walked out with $23 worth of goods. Granted, $3 of that was in needles (I got a couple pair of square needles and a set of hand-made needles that are as soft as kitten ears), but the rest was in yarn.

Oh, I am sooo weak.

Here's the highlights:

Peter Pan from Wendy Yarns. Softest acrylic I've ever touched, and no lie.

This is what I went for, more of the Colinette Giotto ribbon. It's not the same color as the other skein I bought, but it's still super sexy. I love this stuff. I may have a new addiction.

Schaefer Yarn Lola. It's even superwash. Good yardage. Pretty soft, too. Me likey.

MORE ribbon yarn. I bought another skein of this stuff (Judi & Co Galaxy) in a slightly different color (this is called "Calypso", the other is "Mulberry" and slightly darker).

I'm not even sure how to use ribbon yarns, to be honest. But I seem to have fallen in with them.

Other than that, I got some workaday Frog Tree Alpaca and some wool that I'm going to knit then felt into a cat cave for Yoda boo... I foresee a lot of knitting in my future.

And this, for a sweater for me:

Aww, yeah, baby. Merino and Mongolian Cashmere.

$8 for enough merino/cashmere yarn for a sweater. Heh. I'd laugh maniacally, but I'm fighting a chest cold and don't want to hurt myself. I might be unable to knit if I strain my ribs, after all. 

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