Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Well, crap.

I finished my Bofurettes.

Aren't they purty?

But look what I've got left:

Well, crap. The whole point to the stinkin' fingerless mitts was destashing, yet I'm left with enough yarn to make something fairly sizable.

I've been having some cold-like symptoms lately, and now I'm worried that I'm allergic to the alpaca. Maybe it's the hot pink. Or maybe it's the pseudo-cold I started yesterday (and then slept off). Either way, I'm about as enthused about using the rest of this yarn as I am about sticking a chopstick in my ear right now.

I've got the mitts cleaned up and soaked and lying flat on my blocking mat. I'm hoping that it's just a cold. I'll put the yarn away, dig up some old stuff (to whit, this:


and work on the pattern I had in mind for it originally, The Nereides Shawl. I have to frog what I already have done, natch, because my old vision for it was vastly different than what I'm envisioning now.

If nothing else, it's a respite from the endless miles of mind-numbing seed stitch I've been doing all year. I need a break from it.

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