Thursday, January 31, 2013

This is the frill that never ends....

It's pretty literally going on and on, my friends.

I'm still working on the frill for my Milk Run shawl at work. Using the same freakin' skein I was using a month ago. I mean, I knew the 'endless-skein-of-massiveness' thing happened with Pound of Love, but I hadn't realized Lion Brand had managed to use the magical, space-time-continuum stretching magic work with Wool-Ease, too.

Anyway. I'm having serious finish-itis lately. I've been working on three projects at once, thereby making little to no progress on any of them. It's driving me a bit nuts, if you must know. I just want to finish something, anything. Maybe I'll luck out and finish that shawl next week. That would be cool.

In other news, I totally got off the sheep and bought more yarn this week.

Knit Picks Brava, worsted weight. I may cave and cast on the project I purchased these for, the Little Giraffe Hat.

In grown up size. For me. Oh, yeah, baby! I'm gonna be so stylin'!

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