Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stuff and nonsense.

So, I'm destashing again this year, right? And I started a new job today, right? My office is freezing and my yarn is warm.

Match made in heaven.

So I pulled out my ball winder, a scale and a bag of some yarn leftovers aaaaand...:

Little yarnmen!

No, not really. I've divvied it up so I can be sure I'm going to be even-Stevens when I knit some Bofur Mitts, only all girlied up and stripey. Which is totally cheating, but I don't care. They'll be soft and squishy and warm as kittens. And I'll keep these for home and take my old Lion Brand mitts to work, because I'm not as worried about getting ink or anything on them. They're already sort of felted up, anyway.

In terms of old project progress, I ran out on Monday, in the snow, to my really L LYS and got some new cables for my interchangeable needles so I could continue to work on my infinity scarf/cowl/thing. Shorter ones, so that I don't have to sling the cable around the back of my neck to get it out of the way:

 Thank Bob she deals in these. I'd have been totally hosed if she hadn't -- I was about ten seconds from doing something drastic. Like, frogging in rage drastic. That long cable had gotten on my last reserve nerve, you know?

So to calm ourselves from the incendiary memory, let's look at one of our charming little yarnmen again:


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