Sunday, January 6, 2013

More crap I've gotten done this weekend.

Well, I got the cowl finished. I think it's probably dry, so I should go get it and hang it up on my chair before bedtime (which is imminent; I'm going to detox from the computer for an hour before I go up), but that wasn't all I did this weekend.

I cleaned up some files (like you -- or I, for that matter -- truly care) AND I dug up some ancient yarns that I'm going to use to make a blanket on my knitting board:

Sensations Rainbow Classic. About a billionmillion yards (I've got two of these.)

Oh, alright, only a little over 1,100 yards. Still. Should make a nice big blankie, no? I've got a knitting board like this, and I plan to add three nails at one end to make it a glorified loom, slightly more than 56" long. That's nearly five feet wide, which is more than ample for my bed.

I also have another single skein in this color:

I'm not sure what to do with it. A lot depends on how much blanket I get out of the other two, I suppose. Loomed blankets would be a lot faster than knitted ones (at least during the stockinette stretches), so if the green one goes well and is long enough, then I'll use this one to make a lap rug for my mother. She's always after my knitting.

She baked cookies tonight. I think that makes her more than knitworthy.

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