Saturday, January 26, 2013

For, lo, this I hath wrought.

I am so full of awesome, it's hard to be myself lately, you know?

I even learned French seams, which are a major pain in the ass, but somehow worth it. Still and all, I'm fairly chuffed. Now all I have to do is figure out what I want to do next: a decorative throw pillow (in which project I would learn trims and how to sew a pillow form into its case) or a small bag (which would be colorful and I would learn lining -- a far more useful skill to a knitter -- and adding handles and working with interfacing.)

Oh, decisions, decisions.

In the knitting news, I've decided to become mostly monogamous to my projects. Right now, I've got something like fifty gajillion projects on the needles. This is counter-productive to actually, you know, finishing anything. So for the time being I've only got three projects on the needles:

1. Double-Cross Scarf:

This is a freshly updated photo for the purposes of this post. Look at that sexy pooling! Anyway, I want this scarf, I do, so I'm going to make it one of my initial projects. The pattern is fairly simple, the yarn is like heaven in my hands, and I have a dreadful feeling Crowley is going to Come To A Well-Deserved Bad End at the end of this season (although how they'll survive without his delicious, delicious snark is beyond me).

I will cry. While wrapped warmly in my snuggly, wuggly little bit of the King of Hell.

2. Nereides Shawl:

Yeah. Still having problems with this one. She does the seafoam stitch a little differently than I'm accustomed to (but in a way that's probably oodles simpler, overall) making this far, far too complex a knit for the workplace. I can't answer calls while working on this, I can barely watch television and make my stitch counts. This is the fifth version of this that I've cast on, and in one repeat I've tinked back twice.

I think this one is going to end up being my knitting nemesis.

3. Milk Run Shawl (Adjusted):

Yes, it's an old picture. I'm not dragging this eight hundred pound monster out of its bag for a new picture. Besides, the only change is an inch of ruffle. One inch. It's heartbreaking how hours and hours of endless knit or purl stitches (oh, the curse of garter in the round -- I forgot how that would go until I'd already picked up and started knitting the ruffle stitches) will get you nowhere fast.

However it's a mind-numbingly simple piece, and will do excellently as a work project. I can answer phones, chat with visitors and probably even mop the floors (not a job duty, never fear) while finishing up the ruffle. The worst part is figuring out what I'm going to replace it with when the ruffle inevitably gets finished.

Oh, and by the bye, they tell you a knit-on ruffle will "eat up" yarn. They lie. One inch of ruffle isn't even touching the single skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease I tied on before I even finished the point. I've got at least 2/3 of the skein left to go.

Oh, well. At least when I'm done I can toss this puppy in the washer to clean out the desk-clutter-gunk before I lay it out to sorta-block. That'll be nice.

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