Friday, January 11, 2013


There's the first one. I am not (usually) a pink person, but since a) I got given this yarn by my mom, b) it's alpaca and c) did I mention it was free?, I'm going to roll with it.

Actually, it looks fairly nice on:
You can see the seam there, just under the thumb. I'm thinking of adding a thumb (just some simple ribbing or something like that), and I'll probably use the gray to do it. This means I can add the thumb and use the tail to cover up the pink seam yarn.

Or maybe not. I mean, these mitts are a homage to knits worn by a dwarf on a very dangerous journey who was wearing everything he owned (and some wicked cool Pippi Longstocking braids, too). Would Bofur have quibbled over the seam showing pink? No, I think he would not!

Yes, that is a sign it is far, far too late at night and I am exhausted beyond thought. I just wanted to put some pictures up and reassure you that yes, I am alive and yes, I am knitting.

Now, good night.


Anonymous said...

I like the pink seam. It's hard core! (No, I have no idea what that means.)


Silver Phoenix said...

I'm awful lazy, so it's probably going to stay like that. Now, if I can only get the second seam to match the first!