Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tiny bubbles....

I did not, surprise, surprise, finish my NaNo novel this year. Shocker, yes, I know. But I still drank my prosecco.

It's tasty, I'll give it that. I don't generally drink dry wines, but pretty much by definition, if it's carbonated, it's dry. I'm not wild about it on that point, but it wasn't too dry. Nice and, for the most part, balanced.

I was fairly surprised, however, by the length of the buzz. I've gotten buzzier on other wines, but this is hanging on like you would not believe. My liver is fairly efficient, dealing with most alcohol fairly quickly (under a half hour in most cases), but apparently the tiny bubbles have stymied my poor liver and the buzz is hanging on, 45 minutes in. The mild fog is clearing now and my muscles are tensing up into their standard positions, but it was a bit unnerving. I don't usually get so blotto on two glasses of wine alone.

In knitting news, I'm not done with the whirly-gigs yet. I'd love to be (they're driving me a bit nuts), but I've got half the yarn left to go. I was hoping to get some major knitting done tomorrow, and maybe take a walk (since the weather is allegedly going to be agreeable in great degree), but we'll have to see. There are cookies to be baked, and my mother may yet have more shopping to do.

Sigh. I used to love shopping, but now it's become a great chore. I'm not sure if this is a good sign or a bad one!

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