Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My first blizzard!

I grew up down south, an inch or two of snow was big news. Then we moved up to the midwest, and maybe 6 inches was a big deal (we're not near the Great Lakes, or that far north, we have far more moderate winter weather than most people expect). But right now, we're getting up to a foot of snow! And the wind is blowing! What does that spell?


I've never been through a blizzard before, and so far it's pretty dull. I mean, I'm in the house, it's fairly warm (ish, my patio isn't the coziest place on earth) and I've got access to food and fresh water, so...yeah. It's just a lot of snow coming down really fast and blowing around.

It sucks, but sucks about on a par with all the other types of snow. Of which I am not fond.

Oooh, speaking of snow, saw the Doctor Who Christmas special last night. It was weird and creepy and altogether too much fun for a girl to have on a dark Christmas night, and it gives you a new suspicion to have about snow. As if I didn't have enough problems with it before!

At least I've got a metric ton of yarn and projects to work on to keep myself busy today. I've been working on my Birthday Cowl of late:

I seriously love how those stripes are panning out. I couldn't have done that better if I'd planned it, could I?

Plus I've got my never ending Shawl of Green (the ruffle is taking forever, but not using as much yarn as everyone told me it would). I'm pretty sure I'll have it ready for next winter. Le sigh.

And I'm also thinking about doing another attempt at a more successful destash effort in the new year. I've been going through my stash, finding pretty yarns and trying to match them up with projects. So far I've got several stash items (which may include more than one skein of the same yarn) reserved for projects covering blankets to shrugs to scarves. If I ever bestir myself to finish up my sweater, that kills a lot more stash, too. My goal is to rid myself of at least one of the auxilliary stashtainers, with an ultimate goal of whittling down the stash to fit in my Cedary Stashtainer of Yarny Goodness within two years.

Hey, I gotta give myself time; I'm not the fastest knitter in the world. Although with the advent of the new job in the new year, that might change -- I've got nothing but knitting time during the days. Pray for my wrists.

So I'm planning my destash projects out as well as knitting on my cowl.

And if all else fails, I've got my Christmas swag to enjoy:

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