Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's like the yarn knows what it's supposed to do.

 The pretty yarn, before its ravishment.
I've been working on my infinity cowl scarfie thing, trying to get it out of my pile of "in progress" projects (which is getting beyond absurd; I've got a backpack full of them, plus a big blue bag and some in the stashtainer.) I finally managed to get to the end of the first skein (yes, it took forever) and was ready to tie the second one on when I realized I had a problem.

See, the yarn is self-striping (I was giddy with joy about the fact that I manage to pick a number of stitches that gave me near perfect stripes until I realized the runs are long enough and end vaguely enough -- the colors blending into one another -- that it would always stripe in one width or another. Dur.) I ended on a stripe of a particular color, and the internal yarn tail was at the other end of the color repeats. Ooopsie.

So I bethought a solution to this issue which involved a pair of scissors and the shortening of my scarf. And then I had another Homer Simpson "D'Oh!" moment when I realized the yarn has two ends. And the second end might or might not be the same. I pulled it off the outside of the skein and lo, it was just the color I needed, followed by the color I needed after that.

I was pleased.

Can you tell where I merged the two yarns?

It's there, I promise.

I can see it, but then I know the secret of where it is.

Oh, I give in, here you go:

That thin black stripe there at the end.

And now, thanks to the first skein, I know I'm a quarter of the way through the second skein. I want to do another circuit of the colors tonight so I'm halfway through the skein. I'd really love to have this puppy off the needles before I start up the day job on Wednesday. Partly so I can wear it, partly so I can have a brand new project to take to work on Thursday (I'm thinking Wednesday will be too busy, alas).

Even better? The second skein will end with that light turquoise blue color. My cast on is a single row of that color. Yes, you'll be able to see the seam, but the colors will match.

It's like Red Heart knew exactly what the yarn was supposed to do for me!

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