Friday, December 7, 2012

I lost a Twizzle!

I lost one of my twizzles! I went to The Nieceling's band concert (she had a piccolo solo! W00t!), and dropped it in the auditorium.

Oh, well. Not my favorite color, and I'll consider it an offering to the knitting gods. Or something.

And I did not take knitting to The Phew's concert, two days later. He did not have a solo, but he was one of two in the percussion section who played every piece -- the others got rotated out as the music demanded. I'm so proud of them both for their musical achievements.

In other news, less than a full week before The Hobbit is in theaters. I can go at midnight, if I want. That was in doubt, you see.

I interviewed a few weeks ago for a FT job. At the place I've been temping? The one that lets me knit at the desk and read and stuff like that when I'm not busy with my duties? They were talking about hiring someone to be there a few weeks before the calendar change (when the woman who has the job now is retiring) so the new hire would have time to sit with her and learn the ropes. So I didn't want to buy a ticket to a midnight showing of The Hobbit because what if they hired me? I'd maybe be working by then, and a midnight showing of a 2 1/2 hour movie and an 8 o'clock start time at work don't mix. Not even a little bit.

So I waited two weeks to hear back, thinking this place would be one that would call me if I didn't get the job -- they're good like that, very respectful of others, and letting someone know they can stop waiting for a call is only polite, yes? They didn't call and they didn't call, so I called, and lo and behold they had been going to call me that same day to offer me the job. Then they sent me an offer letter, a thing with which I am unfamiliar. I signed and sent it back, though, as I'm told is the custom. It's more common in educational circles than in the ones I've been swirling around in, and sort of cool. Don't worry, I'm smart enough about USPS to have made a copy for just in case.

But I don't start until January. I guess they think I know what I'm doing well enough to let me start after herself moves on to sleeping in. Or whatever she has plans to do, I'm not sure.

So, I've got a new job, I still get to see The Hobbit at midnight, and I lost a Twizzle. Life is weird, but sorta ok right now, you know?

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