Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas knitting

I'm still working on the garland for my tree and the ornaments and such, and have chosen the yarn for my Angel topper. I've decided to use this yarn:

For the wings (gold) and dress (green), and this yarn:

(the beige on the far right) for the head. I think I'll even give my angel hair, just so it doesn't look bald. Maybe...hmm, I don't know. Maybe the black of the Knitpicks acrylic. It will be pretty.

In the meantime, I've managed to dig myself out of the doldrums. I sat with myself and figured out what was bothering me, and once I reasoned it out, I was able to lift my mood. It's amazing what directed navel-gazing will do.

And now it's time for dinner. I am trying to feed myself when I feel hunger, so I need to get myself food now. Maybe I'll have bagels, cream cheese and salami. With a cup of hot chocolate on the side.

Warm and nice and filling. Perfect for a lazy Saturday night!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Have you ever wanted to run away?

I'm having one of those lifetimes, right now.

I know wherever you go, there you are, but sometimes I think a major change in scenery would do me a world of good, if only by keeping my mind occupied with new sights and sounds and smells.

My Christmas knitting proceeds apace (maybe that's part of my problem -- I've made so many of those little curliques I'm going around the bend myself?) and I've found an adorable pattern for my tree topper, the Hurricane Angel.

I'm going to have a very fibery tree, if I can ever get around to finishing my garland (and on the up-side, I've figured out how I'm going to attach them together, when I get to that stage.) And I've got a ton of sparkly beads to decorate the ones that are ornaments.

Now I've just got to get around to doing it all!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Well, that hasn't happened since...ever.

The time change must have impacted me in a strange way, because after work this morning I went home and took the world's strangest nap. Well, it would be more accurate to say that I fell into a temporary coma today. I haven't slept that hard in...ages. Since I was a little kid, really. I literally laid down, closed my eyes, opened them, poof! Two hours gone. Closed my eyes, opened them, poof! Another hour gone.

If it weren't for the fact that I felt moons and satellites better afterward, I'd have thought I hadn't slept at all.

Aside from my bizarre neurology making me lose hours in the middle of the day, I've started a new knitting project. Because I need another one of those like I need another hole in my head.

Actually, the way my sinuses have been acting lately, a little trepanning might not be a bad thing right now.

I'm making Christmas tree decorations!

I got a packet of Lion Brand BonBons Yarn -- they're little skeins, 39 yards a piece, of the various flavors of Lion Brand yarn. You can get them in acrylic, cotton and the sort I got -- metallic. There's two sets of the metallic colors, Celebrate and Party. Here's a picture of my bunch, in the set of colors called Celebrate:

Yes, that's a knitting needle in the bag there. I've already knit up the purple into little sparkly spirals:

And eventually I will sew them together to make a garland for my little Christmas tree. I have the crocheted ornaments that I got given by my Coven mate, and a hand-made ornament or two from other sources, but this will be the first thing for my tree that I've made myself.

I'm a little proud of myself, thanks.

I get four little twizzles out of each bonbon skein, so I'll get 32 total out of the packet I bought last week. They're between 2 and 3 inches long (provided I don't stretch them out like heck and darn), so I'll probably get a 5-8 foot long garland out of one bag. Although I might want the other color set, Party, for the gold and bronze skeins. I could always do two whole bags, mix them all up and have a garland for the tree and one for general decor. Or do one garland and then use the other twizzles as hanging ornaments. Maybe even put some beads on the yarn tails for each one. They're pretty enough.

Sigh. Decisions.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Broke my cable.

The past week has sucked beyond all reason.

Hormones. Just...hormones. They suck.

I participated in a large scavenger hunt, and feel full of fail because of that little boondoggle. I suppose I'm not full of fail, but still. 

The yarn on my shawl is apparently super heavy, because I popped the end of my cable out of the cap that screws on to the needle tip the other day. Sigh.

I had car drama. I always seem to be having car drama, don't I?

I've also had too much drama today and am ready for it to be tomorrow already, please. Or maybe I just need to snarf the chocolate that's sitting on my desk.

Oh, well. Tomorrow I get to try to catch up on my NaNo word count, which is going to be not fun because I'm already 2,000 words behind (and will be almost 4,000 short if I don't get on the ball tomorrow). And then...gah.

I'm half tempted to crack into this well before the 50,000 word mark:

But no. I need a motivation to keep writing.

I don't even know if I like prosecco. Maybe I should have chosen a more reliable reward?