Saturday, June 2, 2012

Complete and total yarn 'ho

I could give you a rundown of what the past (oh, my gods, has it only been one) week has been like, but I won't. If you're on Ravelry, you've probably sampled the cheese platter I served up with my whine, so suffice to say I was more than ready for a little fun today.

And fun I had when I went to the yarn orgy...uh, Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival. Ok, yeah, yarn orgy. I just wanted to pile it all up in the middle of the floor and roll on it in hedonistic abandon. Is that really so wrong?

Anyway, here's what I invested in:

Some lovely alpaca that hails all the way from Kentucky -- dyed by a company called Kentucky Blue Fiber Company, in fact. The bits at the end look gray, but I assure you they are a nice dusty lilac. The yarn is actually an alpaca/merino blend, and feels quite sturdy while still maintaining a nice softness. It will be a scarf. Someday.

I also hit the Solsberry Yarns booth, which sells yarns dyed by Robin J. Edmundson. She has an etsy shop, too. I love her colors, and suggest you invest. That way, she makes enough money to afford to come back to Hoosier Hills next year, and I get more yarn. See? Win-win-win.

Actually, the yarn in the bottom picture (rayon in what I'm calling Pez colors) was my first purchase of the day, for a scarf for the Mater Gloriosa. They're her colors. The top one I got on my way out of the festival, when I realized I was sadly lacking in jewel tones. I loves me some jewel tones.

I bought this next skein from SassyBee Fibers. At their booth, they were selling mostly fleeces -- I'm not a spinner or a dyer (because I need another spendy hobby like I need another hole in my head) -- but they had two or three skeins of yarn spun up for sale. I love this color -- Fruit Punch -- and I love the name SassyBee.

This skein from Froebe Fibers is probably my favorite of the new batch. At least for the moment. Shhh, don't tell the other yarns. The color is so cheerful, so spring-time, I just had to get it. There was a different color at the booth I'd been thinking about investing in, but then I realized I've got three other yarns in almost the exact same colorway. Feh. So I went with the pretty "Dandelion Wine". The vendor told me as I fondled her yarn in vulgar fashion that they use only food-grade dyes. I probably won't chew on it, but that does mean I get to enjoy a nice, brisk vinegar scent while knitting, which is bonus. 

Yes, I do like vinegar scent on my yarn. It's why I'm so heavily invested in Malabrigo. That stuff reeks of vinegar. Don't judge me, I'm sure it's perfectly normal in some parts of the world to sniff your yarn as you knit.

Bonus: With each purchase, you got a cute little gift bag.

Looks a bit like a wedding favor, doesn't it?

Ah, now that I've reviewed my successful shopping trip, have put the yarns in isolation (ie, the chest freezer) and completed my other chores, I can take a short nap. I feel quite...replete. As if I've accomplished something -- something more than just draining my yarn budget for the first half of the year.

Oooh, and I only went over budget by $5, too. You should be proud of me, really you should. ;-)

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