Saturday, June 9, 2012


Guess what's drying on the floor?

I am so The Knitter. I went from half done on Monday night to all done last night and got this bad boy pinned up this morning. Can I take a moment to say, that's probably the best blocking job I've ever done? The sides are actually, you know, sorta straight. It should be completely dry by late tomorrow, well in time to get it to Nieceling before her flight Monday afternoon.

Here's a detail shot:

And now those colors (along with the lighting/ginormous monitor at the temp gig -- which is no longer, yesterday was my last day of work, alas) have totally inflamed my optic nerves. I'm going to log off this computer before I migraine out, sit in my chair, nibble on something -- organic cheetos, maybe, or popcorn -- and just relax for a while.

I may have to avoid the internets altogether for a few days, just to give my poor eyeballs a rest. I can practically feel a searing pain run along the back of my eyes when I look at that picture. Oh, it hurts, it does!

But that really just gives me an excuse to thaw out and knit a Multnomah with this yarn:

Because blue is an optically soothing color, you know.

At least when it's not a screaming, acid-trip version of blue. Oy. My eyes!

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