Saturday, May 19, 2012

In which I finally show you some knitting

I went to Da Phew's baseball game today. I forgot how inconvenient it was having a metabolism in summer -- I'm so accustomed to simply not feeling the heat, I didn't realize until I got outside that I was going to really regret it. Thankfully, there was a breeze. I think I actually broke a sweat again today. That makes three times in the past year. A new world record! Well, for me.

I can't believe I used to have a hard time dealing with heat and couldn't wait for winter. And this, children, is why "diets" are a waste of time -- I lost weight, yes, but it came back with friends and my metabolism was so broken I couldn't even feel warm in a blast furnace for nearly 10 years. The things I do to try to break myself.

While at the game I did some knitting on Nieceling's European Vacation Scarf:

I could only knit for, 45 minutes or so? The colors in the bright sun were giving me a headache. But I got, in that time, about 5 inches cranked out, which means that the full 60 inches should only take 12 hours (well, 11 more). I've got all day tomorrow to knit -- having a private movie marathon, with stuff from the library -- so I should have a couple of feet finished by evening. Then I'll put it away before I go all stabbity with my needles because, hell and damn, y'all, those colors are screaming hot-bright. And then I'll pick it up next weekend and get another two or three feet done and be finished, well in time to wash/block and hand it over before her journey.

I got the yarn in a swap one year, and I voluntarily chose it and a second color (which is also screaming hot) of the same yarn. What was I thinking? Oh, yeah, I wasn't. That was at the Coven's Christmas Bash, and I'd been drinking. You'd think I'd learn.

Anyway, here's a better shot of the colors:
The flash tends to make them a little more pale than they are in fact, but it's blurry without, so...

Anyway, you get the gist. I tried to add beads to the scarf, but those super-mod 1980's colors make anything short of a Christmas tree ornament hard to see. I guess I'll have to find some other project for my pretty gold beads.

I'd like to get this finished in as short an order possible, because the colors are making me go blind and the pattern is giving me the collywobbles. The second pattern line is a massive pain in the patuckus (granted, there are only two pattern lines and two resting rows, so I shouldn't whine). Every time I mess up, it's on the second pattern line.

Betcha by the end of this scarf I'll have that second pattern line memorized, have nightmares about it and be unable to knit anything that doesn't use it.



Shannon said...

Wow - those colors ARE mighty bright, but would be great for someone who loves to wear Spring colors. I like the pattern, it looks nice, light and airy :)

Silver Phoenix said...

She loves it, too. I was complaining about it at dinner tonight (we took my parents out for their anniversary), about how it creates after-images when I close my eyes, and she laughed and said, "But I want it!"

She's just adorable enough she'll get what she wants, but only just. :-)