Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't Call It A Comeback....

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's been a while. I've been battling my un-Godly vertigo/stomach problems/other nervous issues which I now believe to have been the prodrome of a migraine. A migraine which, I would like to point out, never freakin' happened. So all that noise and bother for, essentially, nothing.


But I'm feeling miles better now, thank you. I can sit up in bed without the room goes all whirly-whirly and the sinus problems are abating a bit. I can function again. Bless.

I still managed, however, to do this while incapacitated:

Is it madness; is it? Is it?

Why, yes, Loki-quote-from-Thor, it was madness. A most excellent, loud and boomie, action-packed, spandex heavy day of fabulous madness. Here was the schedule:
I know you can probably barely make that out, but that was the overly-optimistic schedule of films. Spanning from 11:30am on Thursday the 3rd to nearly 3:30 the next morning (magically, the films started running behind after The Hulk), I sat in a movie theater just over the state line in Kentucky, watching each and every Marvel movie that tied into the newest The Avengers movie.

God, it was fabulous. That's a fun ride, mommy, I want to go again!

The last three were in 3D (Thor, Captain America and The Avengers), and I got super extra-smurfy special 3D glasses in a Thor theme (did you think I could have resisted?) I also carried along my Harry Potter 3Ds, which are my go-to back up 3D glasses. They fit better and they just seem to work better for me than the standard issue Buddy Holly style 3D glasses you get at the movie theater. So I carted them along in case the Thor glasses were...subpar. Which they weren't. They work as well as, if not better than, the HP roundies. I was pleased to note that I had no problems with the dizziness or vertigo for those three movies. Of course, I was too blinded by the awesome pouring off the screen to have noticed even if I had.

Anyway, this was our theater:

The AMC at Newport Mall in Cincinnati (actually just over the river in Kentucky.) Don't ask why I traveled so far to see this thing. Just accept.

And glad I am that I did, this was the swankiest movie theater I've ever been in in my life. The seats were really wide (wider than the ones in our local AMC), and since my friend and I sat in the upper tier of seats, and she has a tendency to poke around when bored, we found a family bathroom in the upstairs back hall that became our private bathroom for the whole day. Late in the day some fanboys found it, so it was semi-private, but yeah, no lines. Excellent.

I went outside between a couple of the movies and checked out the views.

The river was lovely, and the breeze quite restorative. Not that the theater was stuffy; I wore my sweater to keep the chill of the air conditioning off my arms, and, quite naturally, had my Little Loki snugged around my neck for the last movie of the night, and was quite comfortable. But there's nothing quite like fresh air, no?

And they even had an outdoor art display:

I can't recall just now the name of this painting, and since I took the picture on my cell phone the zoom is useless, but I was surprised to see it. It's a rather nice reproduction (no, they aren't stupid enough to put an actual painting outdoors) advertising a local art museum. If I'd had time, I might have indulged.

As it was, we got back to my friend's house at around 4am Friday morning, and I had to drug myself to get to sleep. The adrenaline storm, it was fierce. Thanks to my handy little sedative pill I slept until 1pm the next day. Felt better than I had in a long time, too, when I woke up.

We had to go back to a different theater on Sunday for a second viewing (after five movies in a row, the sixth gets a bit blurry around the edges, particularly after midnight), and it was still awesome topped with epic awesome sauce. And why, oh, why does Ohio have the swankiest movie theaters around? I swear, both movie theaters that weekend were just incredible. Even their cheap movie theater (you know, the $2 dumps) is nice and clean and you don't lose the soles of your shoes in the sticky gunk on the floor. Ohio, home of off-site storage facilities, fabulous movie theaters and Jungle Jim's. Incredible store.

Sigh. Other than the movie-gasm (and the fact that I've seen it yet again since coming home and plan to see it a fourth time this next weekend -- to verify a certain fact the fanboys and girls seem to be spreading around like wildfire on the internetz), I haven't been doing much. Sleeping a lot, getting a new crown, having my migraine prodrome, getting (mostly) over it. Keepin' on keepin' on, so to speak. I started a new project (one with a deadline, urgh) and put most of my other knitting on backburners. I should get off this infernal machine and go work on my deadline knitting, too.

Well, after I eat my dinner. Eating fries is bad for the yarn while working. Good for the tummy, mmmmm. Bad for the yarn. *frownie face*

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