Monday, April 2, 2012

Nerd Queen, Redux

I have the best friends:

Yes, that is the unofficial Sherlock Cluedo set, as created by this incredibly talented tumblr person. That and one of my knitting coven ladies has a husband who works for a graphics company. My board is on foam backing. Swanky.

Here's a close up of the cards and stuff:

Now my Clue/Cluedo collection is complete: I've got the art gallery Clue, Harry Potter Clue, Classic Clue and mid-90s Clue.

Why, yes, I do love playing Clue. Why do you ask? Seriously, though, it's my favorite game. I think I'm going to build a box for my Sherlock Cluedo and put it on the shelf with the rest of my Clue collection (I looooove Clue, have I mentioned that?) And play it, on occasion, because why have a bunch of Clue games if you aren't going to play with them?

Maybe I need to get out a little more.

In other news, there is very little. I re-watched Midnight in Paris again, and was once again nearly brought to tears at the realization that someone out there (Woody Allen, in particular) gets it and can express what it really is to be a writer. While watching it, I realized why I failed so hard at the writing group concept -- I don't want a critique group (I can dissect my words faster and with less kindness than anyone), I need more of  a support group. Somewhere I can go and get reassurance that yes, what I'm going through is normal for a writer, and I shouldn't let it worry me overmuch.

Everyone in the writer's group wanted to critique and be critiqued all the time and wanted to limit the talking time. Editors were invented to tell you why your work is crap and how it has to be re-written, I want a group of creative people (because, let's be honest, as Hemingway said via Woody Allen, writers are competitive -- so I'm not sure it's entirely wise to surround myself exclusively with writers) who can sit around and kvetch about the creative process, how fickle the Muses are and how helpless we are in the face of our creations which will, when all is said and done, be what they will be whether we want them to go that way or not. Like children.

It's not that a critique group can't be useful, I just don't think it's particularly so for me. Your mileage may vary.

So, anyway. That's what my week's been like. At least I haven't woken up to burning plastic again (that was our motor, by the way, melting into a lump -- it's been replaced, at cost, because the tech was out the day before it melted and didn't find the problem then.) There's something to be said for that.

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