Saturday, March 17, 2012


This morning, after a light breakfast with healthful orange juice in lieu of my typical iced tea, I went for a walk. A fairly short one, two miles or so. But along the way, I saw some lovely things:

No idea what this tree is called, but the blooms are beautiful against a hot spring sky.

The tree I'm told is a tulip tree is in bloom! It's one of my favorites, just look at that rosy blush.

Herds of sunny yellow daffydowndillies are popping up everywhere! I think they are some of my favorite flowers -- both for the silly name (yes, yes, I know they're called daffodils, but I vastly prefer daffydowndillies; sounds more cheerful) and for the translucent buttery beauties they are. Just look at the light through the petals!

I'm not sure what this tree is, but I hear a rumor it's a dogwood. If so, it's a pretty weak and spindly dogwood. I know they aren't robust trees, but seriously. It's like a collection of sticks popping out of the ground. I'm surprised it can work up the energy to put out blossoms.

The air was sweet, the walking was fine and I'm tired out from all my wrangling today. Granted, I also got a two and a half hour nap in this morning, but perhaps the extreme sleep deprivation I've been working myself into has contributed to my chronic enervation.

I really should be more careful about that, you know!

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