Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday, I'm in Love!

Look what was waiting when I got home!

That's the interior wrapping. Isn't it snazzy? It's like Christmas or my birthday, only it's not!

Let's open it up, see what's inside:

Ahhh, precious cargo! My new toy from Damselfly Yarns on Etsy. She's also a Raveler, which is how I found her. The yarn is from her line of Supernatural themed colors, called Crowley after the eponymous character. For those who are not fans of SPN, Crowley is currently king of Hell, having promoted himself from VP of the Crossroads (he called it "King of the Crossroads", but in business speak, he was a very senior VP of Sales) last season.

Well, if there's a power vacuum, someone's got to get sucked in, yes? Might as well wedge yourself into the vacuum hose in hopes you're there first. Crowley apparently was the first M & M sucked out of the diabolical couch cushions. Smart lad.

Crowley, by the way, is one of my favorite characters. Intriguingly enough, for a demon, he's one of the least dishonest characters on the show -- well, no, let me clarify. He lies, yes, he's a demon and a salesman, so he lies as easily as breathing. But never to himself. So when he lies to you in order to get your eternal soul, you at least know he's not deluding himself as to why he's doing it and -- more importantly -- if you know Crowley, you know what he's doing and why. He wants power, souls equal power, ergo he's going to try to get you backwards over a barrel if he can, in any way he can, because it serves his ultimate purpose: The aggrandizement of Crowley. He's vain, ego-maniacal and a complete and total git. But he knows it and owns it. And he's never tried to pretend he's any different, except as a sly tactic to get one over on some ignorant stool pigeon.

Me likey. Rowr.


Sterling Sheep yarn contains superwash wool (as if I'm going to put this in a washing machine ever!), silk, a little nylon for thems as what likes sock-knitting and silver thread. Heh. Sparkly Crowley.

It really suits in some way.

Here's a slightly better view of the colors:

It's a very Crowley color-scheme. He's all pin-stripe bespoke suits with pocket squares and well-polished shoes*, and this yarn manages to convey that. I admit, I had a non-sparkly yarn base option, but seriously -- the sparkles make this yarn, don't they?

I can't wait to knit it up!

*Ok, ok, maybe this is part of why I love Crowley so -- he's a peacock. Not an overdone peacock, but very, very, very sharp dressed. Women everywhere will understand the strange urge I have to admire the suit then peel it off in a frenzy, even if men will be confused. 

Suits are magical. Catnip for chicks.


Shannon said...

I love me some Supernatural and I think this Crowley yarn is fabulous! I really like her Castiel yarn too :)

Silver Phoenix said...

They're all gorgeous. Now that I know it feels like heaven between the fingers, I'm going to have to work some serious impulse control to keep from going back for some Trickster.